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08 RZR Gen 1 Misc Parts

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I have a few parts left over from changing out old plastics. Let me know if you are interested.

Red Plastics, Gen 1 early build date.The plastic are scracthed from about a year of riding. The front dash area has been cut to put in stereo. The fenders still have the fender flares on them. And the hood has 'four' hold down screws (early Gen 1). I have the old bumpers and rocker panels as well. The rocker panel have a couple of bolt holes riped outon the bottum. You could put washers on and they would still work. I'll take $150 for both rear fenders, $225 for the hood and front cap, $75 for both bumpers, and $50 for both rocker panel. Or $450 for everything.

Also have Used Lock & Ride™ Accessory Rack $75.00.
Used stock shocks and springs with about 500 miles on them. $150.00 for all four. I also have four new stock springs $75.00.
Stock seat beats $25.00.
Stock streeing Wheel $25.00.

Shipping would be what ever it cost to have packaged up and shipped. I'm in AZ zip code 85225 if you need to get shipping rates.
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when you say bumpers, if you mean the plastic ones i'd like them.
i'm in wylie tx 75098
let me know what shipping is and tell me how to pay ya..
Yes I mean the plastic one's. I will stop by the UPS store and see what they charge to box them up and send them and let you know. I guess the easiest way to pay for them would be through PayPal. I'll let you know.
gotya.. just let me know..
my email is [email protected]
i pm'ed ya as well.
The bumpers have been sold
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