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Aftermarket parts for the 150-300cc machines are available from everything from air filters to gearing. The majority of the performnace parts are for the 150cc machines, followed by the 250cc machines. The 300cc machines are behind the rest only because they have only been out a few years.

The most popular and cheapest are the cvt parts, when looking for performance parts the owner will have to decide what they want from the machine, more low end, more top end, what terrain will the machine be used in.

here are a few pictures of a drive pulley ( variator ) and clutch set up

teflon coated variator from koso

adjustable clutch from koso

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Very interesting Eric !! Thanks for sharing that info with us.
Eric provides good parts at a good price and great advice...
Eric, looks interesting. I like learning about new things

Thanks for sharing
Folks like Eric really help this sport. The china buggy has a bad rap for 3 reasons. The first would be their some what new so the first models had their issues. The second is the abundance of junk products out there from buggy builders to so called performance parts. The third is the crap dealers out there that screw the consumer. I cant even begin to count the times a guy got some drop ship buggy that would'nt run or things were broke and the dealer support was as bad as the buggy.

Eric spends alot of time helping folks and even repairing other dealers mistakes on his dime. Money into product devolopment and testing. Hours on the phone with guy's that did'nt even buy their parts from him.

Top notch dealer here. I have a dealer with in walking distance from me yet I still order from Ga.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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