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Got out Yesterday, Feb 13th 2010. Great day. I think the high was about 73 out there acording to my truck temp gauge. First time out in that area so it was a little fun as everything was new. not much of a challange though. No big hills, rocks, etc... Its pretty close to me so I will probably go back some day.

Water hole I stoped at and took a pic and ate some jerky.

Found a spot i did not make it up

Front view

And another spot i did not make it through was a mud hole i found. My tires are not the best for the mud thats for sure. $30.00 later at the power wash and we are all clean again. Mud actual started rolling in the floor across my feet. Thats when my Ranger stoped. Was able to make it back out though.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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