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2010 RZRS

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So, I just bought a new 2010 RZRS and I was curious whats the best things to change on them? I have a roof, front pre runner bumper, and lock n ride box.

Is there any parts or anything that have been problems on them?

I will post some pics sometime this week when I get some time!!! Im to busy riding, lol
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Congrads on the new"S".I don't know of anything that needs to be changed from stock, it's all in what you want. I bought mine in Oct 09, it's one of the Orange ones. No problems with mine yet, and I have been beating and banging mine since it was new.

There's one thing you might want tolook at is some flare extensions, front tire throw everything on the passengers.

What color did you get?
Thanks Mike! I got the Orange one too. I wanted to be just like you!!! I was thinking about buying the block off kit and possibly a racer tech lift kit, but I am not 100% sure yet. My better half might kill me if I keep spending money on a "TOY"
I bought one of those Racer Tech lift when they were on sale last month, haven't installed it yet, also bought me a set of doors they came in while I was at work, so I'm going to be busy this week home attempting to install all the new stuff.

My better half has also put the stop of me dressing up the TOY, but I get to throw back at her, because broke a tire, wheel and all at RRB during the rally and that cost $265 to replace.
What kind of Doors did you get? I am going to ask Santa for some this year!!
AJ, Congrats on the new machine, here's a few things to consider:
Mrwizardd83 said:
What kind of Doors did you get? I am going to ask Santa for some this year!!

Got mine off eBay.

PM Sent
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