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2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-3 Fire

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I bought a 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-3 a month or so ago, on the third time I took it out it caught fire and burn to the ground. I had not even gone through 3/4 of a tank of gas and rode it on dirt roads. I felt heat from the seat and on my back, I turn around and saw flames coming up from the back. I jumped out and ran to the back and tried to put it out by dumping my cooler on it. That didn't work and I saw the grass was on fire, so I jumped back in and gunned it. I got back out and saw that the fire was following the bike. 2 minutes later I had to run from the bike cause the fire was so bad. Has anyone had problems like this?

I contacted Honda and they came out and looked at it. Honda said that since they can not see what happened (cause there was nothing left, duh fire + plastic & rubber = nothing left) that they are not going to anything for me. I thought I was insured, but come to find I was not. I know the pioneer 700 had problems. I know that the pioneer 1000 have a problem with heat on the seat and Honda told me so. I know it was not because of something I did cause the sxs was the same as when I left the dealer. I was going to use it for work plus why would I burn it down when I like the bike. I had around 60 - 70 rounds of ammo with my guns so it also started to go off. I know one thing I will never buy another Honda and I have own a lot of them, cause as of right now, they are not stand behind they product. Very disappointed in Honda


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OMG ! We pretty much just had the same thing happen to us... Did you ever figure any thing out ? Please tell me they helped you ? We just payed our 3rd payment !!!!!!
I'm hoping that no one was injured in either of the two above incidences. Manufactures are extremely reluctant to help out owners if they cannot identify the cause of a problem. The best thing you can do is file a complaint with the federal consumer protection agency and the same for your state. I'm assuming you live in the US, if not file the same in your country. Polaris has had problems of this type with various models of their side by side units and by and large they have managed to ignore their customers. I believe I have also heard of Can Am doing the same under the same circumstances. If you decide to purchase another side by side along with it buy a couple of fire extinguishers mount them on rollbar uprights and hopefully if they catch fire your will be able to put it out in time to have something the manufacture can use to determine the cause. Also make absolutely sure you have fire insurance on the unit that amounts to full coverage replacement value on the unit.

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