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I love it when stuff just fits..
i got the nose and tail plugs today (thank you guero dave)
and i pulled the frame down and put the plastic on it.. the nose plug fits perfect..

this is kind of like my RZR, it's just fun to work on.. i wish i had more time to play with it..

i still have a long, long way to go, but i'm thinking i might actually get to drive this thing one day..

i wish i could figure out a way to keep my day job from gettin in the way.

i'm gonna try and get the motor in here in the next day or so.. (no i havent gone and picked it up yet) then i can start working out the power plant, getting the transaxle married to the motor and make some mounts and stuff..
i'm kinda looking forward to doing the exhaust, it's gonna be pretty cool.

the front 3/4 of the frame has a big DONE stamp on it..

The back is still open in case i have to shuffle anything around when i get the driveline all together and set it in there.

the first two pics are from tonight and the rest are from last weekend

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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