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A few pics from Africa....

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Here are a few pics from Africa.......

My chalet.....

Main Limpopo lodge....

22" Impala.....

Blue Wildebeest.....

Cape Eland.....


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Mitch, Welcome to the SSW. Now that looks like quite the trip !! GREAT pics - thanks for sharing them with us. :wink:
It was an awesome trip! And the neat thing is that including round trip airfare, it is no more expensive than a guided western elk just get to shoot more critters. 8)

It is killing me that I am not over there right now, but I will definitely be over there again next year. :)
Mitch, I would like to hear more about your trip, if you would - I'd love to do something like that. :wink:
Rich, just sat down with the little misses to watch some movie..... :shock:

I will get with you in a couple of hours..... :)

BTW, I book hunts all over the world, and I can customize an African trip to include exactly what you want, and only what you want. 8)
Rich, with an African hunt the possibilities are endless, so naming them all would be impossible. We would have to start by getting an idea of what animals you "think" that you might be interested in.

The beauty of an African hunt is that with the exception of a few species, you can add or subtract critters while you are there.

Here are a few more pictures.......

One of the outpost camps in Zimbabwe.....

Camp in Mozambique.....

You can see the arrow hole in the side. The dark spot on the cat`s muzzle is due to the bad shot with the bow..........416 Weatherby at 4 yards and coming like a freight train. :shock:

43" Cape buff taken at the Woodlands in Zimbabwe.......


Pretty sure this will be the new # 3 SCI Hippo.......

Sunset over Lake Cahorra Bassa.....

Fire pit in front of the Zimbabwe camp. Of an afternoon you can watch the elephants drink at the river below, and you need earplugs at night due to the lions roaring constantly. BTW, you do NOT go out of the camp at night because in the morning you will see lion tracks all through the compound. :lol:

A little lizard from Mozambique......17'2" long, and weighing in at over 2,000 lbs. :shock:

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Mitch, Absolutely gorgeous pics !! Man, that would be the "Ultimate" hunting trip .... for sure.

That trip looked awesome. Thanks for the pics.
Man, thats on the list 8) Someday..........................
I'll have to upgrade houses first. I'll need more wall space before I add more mounts. :D
commanderjjones said:
I'll have to upgrade houses first. I'll need more wall space before I add more mounts. :D
LOL....I am thinking the Hippo would need a room all by itself. Those would be some cool mounts.
Might need a bigger room for this one....... :wink:

A good friend of mine shot this PAC (problem animal control) elephant last fall.

One hour after it hit the ground, this is what was left.......the natives use every single piece of it.

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My little hunting buddy from Texas killed this lioness in 2008 when he was 13 years old. This was a totally wild free roaming cat on the Kalahari. One shot with his bow from 20 yards.

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Same hunting buddy when he was 11 years old with a nice Cape Eland.....

BTW, except for the elephant, which came into camp terrorizing before the hunt could start, all of these critters on this thread were shot while being video taped. :)
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Pretty Cool Hunts. That boy has to be ecstatic. I know my neighbors have been on two African safari hunts and have loved all of it. They are traditional archers and have done very well.
That young man loves hunting and fishing more than anything else. He is as fine a young man as they come. Very well mannered, highly respectful, and he truly appreciates the opportunities he gets. Great parents that have taught him well. Straight A student too.

I have taken him on more than a few hunting trips and captured them all on video......I have never seen him make less than a perfect shot. :)

I could post dozens and dozens of African critters, but I am going to start a new thread with some good `ol US of A critters next. :wink:
Man, I'm an excellent shot with a bow, but the thoughts of getting within 20 yards of a lion is hair raising. That has to be an incredible adrenaline rush! :shock: 8)
commanderjjones said:
Man, I'm an excellent shot with a bow, but the thoughts of getting within 20 yards of a lion is hair raising. That has to be an incredible adrenaline rush! :shock: 8)
I have been 15 yards from big cape buffalo bulls, and even less from a male white rhino, but nothing even close to 20 yards from a mature male lion yet. :shock:

You just gotta have faith in the PH. They carry BIG guns, and they know how to use them. 8)

Those big cape buff bulls have a way of staring at you that is pretty unsettling. :shock:
WOW, I am not a hunter by any means but its amazing that a person can kill such a huge animal with just a bow and arrow. I am in total amazement!!

I would love to go on an africian safari!!
Amazing photos Mitch...KEEP THEM COMING!!!
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