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A good suggestion from Adam12

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I was discussing back to back posting and running up post #'s with Greg(Adam12) and he had a good suggestion. Can the sign-up-date be displayed in the screen name under your amount of posts? He simply made the statement that the # of posts can be misleading to the amount of time that a member has been involved. New members may look at that and feel that someone who runs up their #'s may have been a longer term member or seem to have been around a little more than is accurate. It tends to be a little mis-leading these days between some of our members.
I told him I would pass it along because it seemed to be a good suggestion.
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I am not sure if it can be done or not. But, maybe we can keep it in mind for when we get the new software, hopefully by the summer.

That is correct Bruce...we can't even get our PRC stats to show up on this forum anymore.

I like that idea, Mike.
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