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Added a few goodies

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Here is my 2005 Ranger 500 4x4 and my 2005 Mule 610. I just added a Seizmik front guard and hood rack on the Mule and also added a Classic Quadgear soft top and Ranger Mike's Nerf bar / leg minders to the Ranger. I put the winch on the Ranger a few weeks ago. I've had the Mule since it was new and got the Ranger a couple of months ago. The family has a blast with both machines.

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Looks good, Glenn. Since I ride the kids in the back a lot, I really like my front rack.....other than the fact that it's a site obstruction if you put anything large up there. But it's a good place for my highlift jack, lunchbag, backpack, camera bag, etc.... It would also be a good place for one of those flat fuel packs if you carry one of those.
I got the hoodrack and guard combo on e-bay for about the price of just the guard. I couldn't pass it up. I won't keep the hood rack on normally. I will put it on when we go the Rally at the Gap. If you will notice there is a car seat in the back of Mule. The granddaughter rides back there sometimes.
Nice looking machine's you have there Glen. :wink:
Nice looking Rides Glen, I love the brush gaurd & hood rack for the Mule. That looks very useful
really nice looking, I like the mini doors, keep ya feet from flying out :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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