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Any hopes for a V Twin?

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Reckon there are any plans by Polaris to put a V-Twin in the future RZR's?
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I doubt it, they seem to be stuck on inlines.
The dealer show is in July so we will see if anything is new then. Eventually, I would suppose new engines would show up, just not sure if it would be a V-twin or not.
I am fine with the side by side twin. I just want the new 850 slapped in the RZR for 2011! That would be the only thing I can think of that may make me sell my current RZR.
Would take a 900 or 1000 to get us to buy again.
The 800 S runs pretty good IMHO.
The RZR-S runs really well in the short seat time I have had. Pretty darn impressive I thought. But, if CanAm or someone else comes out with a hotter ride, I am sure Polaris will not be caught with their pants down!! :wink:
Don't know what Polaris is coming up with but I received a survey request the other day, looking for a new name for a new machine. Something bigger MAY be in the future.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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