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Bud emailed this through me because he couldn't use the forum's email as it was locked to him. I am going to reactivate him on a short leash. .......


I want to humbly apologize if I said anything to offend you and hope you forgive me.


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Now that is more like it. That is a mark of a man that is not bad to the bone, unlike some we are dealing with. I am more than willing to give someone a second chance that shows some common sense and humility and courage like that. Gary, make sure and let him know that the staff, at least from me, really appreciate the response.

Buuuuut, make sure he knows we won't tolerate that crap from him or anyone else anymore.[;)] That short leash needs to have a choker knot in it. Bud, along with a few more on here too.


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<br />Good to see he could man-up about it. Shows he's willing to try anyway. Maybe he just figured out that this IS the best forum on the net, and had to get his
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