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Belt Replacement Tips.

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Belt Replacement Tips:

*When replacing a belt, when possible, always blow the primary and secondary clutches / clutch cover out with compressed air to remove any belt dust that may have accumulated.
*Clean the clutch sheaves with a mild scotch-brite pad and alcohol.
*Clean the belt with soap and water before installing.
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Rich, great advice!

I put a new belt in my Ranger a few weeks back with the help of this video:

Visually watching made my install much easier knowing what to expect.

I did wash the belt and it is amazing how different it felt. Unfortunatley, I missed the advice of the scotch brite pad and alcohol. So I can't comment on how the sheaves feel grippy different.

Blowing the clutches put up quite a dust storm in my may want to do that in the open or consider wearing a dust mask.
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