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Boondocker Turbo RZR S

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I posted this on another site but figued with this site new and all the turbo RZR's now here is a few pics of a customers ride I built a few weeks back.

Install was done in a hurry as his truck broke down on the way out so he was late and had to leave so I had to nock the install out with just me in one night so still needs some tunning but is very close and I am impressed with the S model and the BD turbo the kit is put into bags with steps so for each step in the instructions you open a bag with that number for each step also the air filter location rocks!!!. I do allot 30+ two stroke snowmobile turbo units a season through Boondocker but I can see the dunes are going to be a whole new addictive habbit with this RZR S.

Air filter is tucked behind this screen

Adjust boost on the fly
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how much is that kit cost for the s model?

i have an 09 S bone stock, How much for the turbo kit
Josh, welcome to PRC. before to long, this place should be buzzing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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