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Can I get a little info from you folks?

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It can be a real bear for us buggy guy's to some upgraded parts. We've found that many take offs from quads and sxs work well for us. Shocks are a big thing in this area. We know the stock rzr shocks work on the Joyner, blaster fronts work on many buggy's for the rear, Some arctic cats and ds650 work on the dunes and crossfires for front.

So I was wondering if we could get some info from you fine folks. What are the lengths of your shocks eye to eye?

If you happen to know your cv axle length and tooth, that mighthelp as well.

Thanks for your time guy's
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That is a great suggestion. I am sure we can get some measurements for you. I guess I never gave a thought that some of the Buggy guys try and find parts that will work, regardless of application.

I am sure others will chime in too. I think this may be a great idea for its own thread or sticky somewhere. It could be parts/descriptions and physical measurements.

Thanks for the input.

I ave a brand new set of standard RZR shocks that I will measure for you and get you the information tomorrow. I can get the eye to eye measurement on the "S" shock setup, but it will have the weight on them.

Let you know tomorrow
Any info will be great guy's. I like to mod things and buying up parts for test can be expensive. Let alone when a company goes under or just stops producing buggy and it's parts, we often have to look else where. Which when your cv's busted and you got a ride coming up, well that can be a game changer. But if we know an axle from one machine will fit another, you know what to look for.

You also may want to list your take offs on BN for sale as well. If you have a 22 inch shock and a guy needs an 18 inch shock, it's easy to make a shakle or new mounts for an upgrade. Seats and seat belts, tires and rims, shocks, cooling fns, all that could very well be a up grade on a china buggy.

Thanks guy's
More than you probably want to know about stock Rzr shocks:

FRONT Polaris No: 814902001182 Mfr: Sachs/Mexico

Length eye-to-eye: 16.25"
Bushing: 13/32 (10mm) ID, 5/8 OD, 1 3/16 long
Spring preload (lowest setting): 220 Lbs.
Spring Rate: 100 Lbs per Inch
Spring Free Length: 12.375", 6.5 free coils, Installed Length: 10.25"
Preload adjuster range: .625"

REAR Polaris No: 814902001183 Mfr: Sachs/Mexico

Length eye-to-eye: 18.5"
Bushing: 13/32 (10mm) ID, 5/8 OD, 1 3/16 long
Spring preload (lowest setting): 220 Lbs.
Spring Rate: 170 Lbs per Inch
Spring Free Length: 13.5", 8.5 free coils, Installed Length: 12.125"
Preload adjuster range: .625"


Gas charge: None (no force exerted by shock body)
Valving: I can't measure this except by "feel"...Compression = very soft, Rebound = Medium soft.
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Thanks for the Info.
Thats good info. The more one knows the more informed the choice. Thanks for the info man
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