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Championship Mud Racing! CMR

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It is finally here! A national points series for ATV and RUV mud racers!

The popularity of competitive mud racing is growing at an enormous pace. In 2006, leaders in the ATV industry began discussions of having a unified set of competition rules that would allow for some uniformity among competitions around the country. This set of rules gave birth to the need for organization among event promoters and the desire for more media attention among competitors. Unification would allow for a true points system that could ultimately lead to a true National Championship, adding national value to what was once a backyard hobby among sportsmen around the country.

Initially, as with any change, the unification process was met with some resistance. However, in late 2007, the final committee was formed and Championship Mud Racing (The CMR) was born!

The 2008 CMR schedule includes six competition dates spanning from June through November with points awarded throughout the season in several different competition classes for ATV and SxS Mud Racing. Competitions will include Mud Bog and Mudda-Cross Competitions with points series for each competition in classes ranging from 0-499 cc to a Super-Modified class which will allow any size ATV in competition (see rules for restrictions).

The CMR will also receive monthly recognition in ATV magazines as the Utility genre of riding moves into a more competitive spotlight. Competition aspects of The CMR will be overseen by a team led by Jason Coffel, who organized national-level ATV competitions for several years and participated in the growth of the sport, both as an event promoter, organizer, and announcer.

The ultimate goal of The CMR is to see the growth of ATV Mud Racing as a competitive sport and give competitors a pedestal upon which they can receive the recognition from national media and industry sponsors that they have long deserved. The CMR will also be discussing opportunities for more national media exposure including recent opportunities with national television networks.

For more information about The CMR and sanctioned events...or if you are an event organizer and would like to make YOUR event a stop on the CMR schedule, please feel free to contact The CMR at (318) 345-8186 or click on the "CONTACT" icon above to send an email directly to The CMR Organization.

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yes this is what i have been waitn for the team dirty dawg will prevail

Sounds like it could be fun!
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