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Contest Rules

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1. There will be four classes 1)Hot Ride, 2)Action Shot , 3)Best SxS Scenery and 4)General Photography. (All photos in SxS classes must have a SxS in the picture. The general photo is open to let you show off your photography skills and doesn't have to be SxS related)
2. Hot Ride photo's must identify the owner of the ride.
3 The Hot Ride winner will be the owner of the machine.
4. The other winners will be the person who took the photo.
5. Winners will be determined by a vote of the membership and staff.
6. Limit entries to two photos of any one machine in each class.
7. Photos must not be too big, so as to make you side scroll to see the photo or read the text.
8. Contest will run from February 16th to May 31st, 2010.
9. To be eligible for the photo contest, or to vote for your favorites, you must register as a member of SSW.
10. Prizes are yet to be determined, but you may enter while we gather the goodies!
11. The PRC/SSW staff may post photo entries; however, they will not be eligible for prizes.
12. Photos submitted in prior SSW/PRC photo contests are not eligible for prizes. (to get NEW pictures involved)
13.MUST be an amatuer photographer to enter photos.
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