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Cookshack Smoker

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Well gents, I pulled the trigger on Monday on a new Cookshack smoker, model SM 020. If anyone is looking to buy one of these, you better do it quick. The sorry rascals are discontinuing this model, not enough profit, and have already removed if from their website. They are replacing it with an older model, one they discontinued in 2009 and it will be $76 more than the one I ordered!!! Nothing wrong with it, this thing is bulletproof, but it has narrower racks in it and not digital temp controls. They have also raised the price of their other units by $75 to $100. I think they are making a mistake but time will tell. At any rate, mine is due in tomorrow and hopefully I can get to using it next week. Unfortunately, we are traveling over to TN this weekend for my daughter's cheerleading competition or I would break the smoker in this weekend!! Below is the link to the one I ordered and once these are gone, there are no more. This has free shipping too!!
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Well, still have not had a chance to actually cook something in my new smoker yet but I did throw a couple good size chunks of wood in there for a 4 hour "smoke in"!!! I won't call it seasoning unitl I actually get a good fatty pork butt in there. I do have some pics that I will try and get up soon.
ummm pork :D
Hurry Bruce, and cook something so we can all drool over the meal. :)
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