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What is the problem with this Maureen cat?? Is she stupid or what? She, I assume it is a she, has been a member since last September. Doesn't bother to post and all 4 of her posts have been nothing but advertisements. She is lying to say "look what I just got from RPMFab"!! You might want to ask her if she has read the rules. I might even go so far to ask her if she enjoys this site, then read the rules or she may not be a member anymore!! As you can see, it will be much better for you to contact her!!![:(!]
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Message sent, lets see if she gets it. She obviously believes she is fooling someone. The amzing thing is her last post was there for a few hours and no one jumped to her defence. It looks like the RZR group is starting to pull for us. Too Cool!

Good job Curt. Yeh, there are not any fools over here!! What is that democratic mumbo jumbo battle squeal, "disingenious"!!!
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