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Dreams and Wings - Fly Day

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My 8 year old Son Aidan is a special needs child with learning and speech challenges. He was selected to participate in a Dreams and Wings Fly day this past September in Lapeer County Michigan.

The Dreams and Wings program is designed to give special needs kids an opportunity to "Soar to new Heights". Each child selected to participate in the volunteer program got to visit the local airport and spend a day learning about aviation and doing aviation related crafts and activities.

The capstone of the day is Each child was allowed to go on a small aircraft for a 20 minute airplane ride. The child was allowed to take up to 2 buddies. My Aidan decided he would take his older brother Keenan (11) with him for the plane ride. Both of my boys loved the trip, but for Aidan, this trip was priceless. He thought he was so cool as he got to sit in the airplanes co-pilot seat. However, during the flight I guess he decided that he wanted to fly, so he grabbed the steering wheel/flight controls of the plane :shock: and had to be told that he was not allowed to fly the plane.

He had one awesome time that day. He was so proud of the Airplane wings that he had earned, and still actually has them sitting on his Dresser.

From a Parents perspective, this was one heck of a non profit organization. The group of volunteer pilots made a bunch of kids very happy that day.

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That's GREAT Steve :wink: !! I know Aidan enjoyed :D that day for sure, but DANG, I wish he would of picked me to go with him. :lol: :wink:
That is very cool!
Thats a great story!! I love to help special people make memories like that. I am the head administrator and a special needs group home here in Ohio. We have these kind of days a few times a year!!
That was great to hear Steve, the love that brothers have for each other is hard to beat. RZR Rich, I'm with you, I wish he had chosen me!

Steve, may God continue to bless you and your family.
Thanks for the nice comments folks, they are much appreciated :)
It just does not get any better. Looks like they both were flying high that day.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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