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Exhaust Question

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I recently bought a take-off 10' "S" exhaust system. My plans are to install it on my 08'. Reading through the threads it seems that most if not all the aftermarket exhaust systems tell you to get another fuel controller. Does anybody know if I'm going to have to get a fuel controller? Has anybody done the exhaust swap, if so how much extra parts are needed to complete the install. I know from sure I need new manifold bolts, different exhaust gasket, still don't know about all the hangers.
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Unless you've done other engine work, I don't believe a fuel controller is necessary since the RZR is Rich from the factory and besides that you would need to get an Wideband A/F Gauge/Sensor otherwise you would not know how to adjust the fuel setting.
Good, I was hoping I wouldn't have to working on the fuel side yet, maybe later once I start working the clutch and some other addons.
mornin, boys, bart said it all........stroker
Mike, you're going to have a lot of fun.
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