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slane01 said:
ran said:
Welcome Dusty! I've riden RRB a bunch of times. Might be down there in late March
Are you thinking of going down there now Randy? I am gonna plan on trying to make it, if I can work out my schedule.

Yes....its looking like we might be able to make it now. Still not 100% sure, but its looking much more likely. It would be nice to see you. :)

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Hello Dusty, Welcome to the SSW, Been to Royal Blue and Winrock too, both have some top notch trails systems. Ever make a trip over in Ashland, WV?

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I live just north of Knoxville in Clinton. Right smack in the middle between Royal Blue and Windrock. I can be at either in 30 minutes or less.
Never been over to Ashland, but would like to start taking some trips, I'm sure it's fun to go to different places
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