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Gary's Deer

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I shot this 8 point about 30 minutes after daylight hit. He was chasing two does and ran about 75 yards in front of my tower blind. It was nice walking out to my stand from the house at 0730 and back to the house with the dressed deer in about 90 minutes!

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'Detective Great White Hunter :shock: ' strikes again. Nice looking buck Gary - congrats !! 8) :wink:
Very nice Buck! Definetly a good day!

Nice buck Gary :!:
dlineman1 prc9756 sxs480
Hmm, only 90 minutes....I figured you retired folks would want to enjoy the whole day in the woods, not just make the kill and come back in.

Then again, it was probably time for breakfast so you got the job done early.

Nice Buck Gary
Good one, Gary! 8) :wink:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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