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Gorilla Axle Media Contingency CASH!

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Jason Coffel
Gorilla Axle, Inc.
1289 Hwy 594
Monroe, LA 71203
Phone: (318) 345-8186
Email: [email protected]


<b>Monroe, LA – January 4, 2008 –</b> Ever had a “LOOK, THAT’S ME” moment? You know the type… You’re minding your own business, reading the latest magazine from the ATV world…and all of a sudden, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Out of nowhere, you stand and shout…“<b>LOOK…THAT’S ME!!!</b>” And now, you’ll get a check…made out to YOU…from Gorilla Axle!

Announcing the 2008 Gorilla Axle Media Contingency Program with over $25,000 in Cash Awards available! In an effort to promote the Gorilla Axle brand and the “Gorilla Face” logo, Gorilla Axle, maker of heavy-duty ATV axles, suspension lifts, and Gorilla Swag apparel line, has announced that any person whose picture appears in a major magazine in the ATV industry while wearing a Gorilla Axle logo on their person, truck, or ATV will receive up to $1,000 in CASH as an award for “showing the Gorilla colors.”

When asked about The 2008 Gorilla Axle Media Contingency Program, Gorilla President and CEO, Jason Shanas said, “This is an excellent way for Gorilla Axle to launch our 2008 Marketing Strategy. What better way to promote our name and brand, than to let our customers do the talking for us? Besides, Gorilla’s loyal customers and our fans have been supporting our brand for years. This program gives us a chance to get back to grass roots and say, ‘Thank you’ to those customers and give just a little bit back of what they have given us over the years.”

The 2008 Gorilla Axle Media Contingency Program is open to any person of any age, however, there is a required registration form that can be found online at or can be sent directly via email. Registration is free and some restrictions apply. For complete rules and details on The 2008 Gorilla Axle Media Contingency Program, visit the Gorilla Axle website and click on the Media Contingency icon.

For more information about The 2008 Gorilla Axle Media Contingency Program…or for other information regarding Gorilla Axle, Inc. please feel free to contact Jason Coffel at (318) 345-8186 or send email to [email protected]

Click to Download Official Rules and FREE Registration Form:

Click to Download Official Press Release:
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Sounds good....

O'man I wished I had known about this last Friday, lol I just emailed a couple pics to a popular magazine. There's a very good chance their going to be in next months issue, just my luck. I could've slipped in a Gorilla logo somewhere I'm sure, LOL.

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