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Greetings from Montana / Idaho

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Just joined this site and the PRC sister site. I'm located in Western Montana and am looking for others to ride with and / or at least swap riding trail information with. The wife is claiming she's getting to old to hike out for help when we break down javascript:emoticon(':D') Feel free to give me a shout.

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Welcome to SSW, Buck. Glad to have you with us. :)

I looked through our links to riding areas and was surprised to see that there wasn't any listings in there for MT. As vast as that area is, I would think that there would be a multitude of places :? . Maybe another member can chime in with some personal recommendations.
Buck, a warm welcome to you and the wife - glad to have you join us here at the SSW. When you can check out our 'Links to Riding Places' thread - lot's of great trail info in there.
Welcome Buck and Mrs.!

WOW! Looking at the picture in your link..... why hike out? I would love to have a place here in Michigan like that.

Enjoy this site.

Welcome to SSW. Glad that you came over to check us out.

Welcome from Texas.Glad your here.Happy trails.
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