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A friend told me about this forum, looks like alot of good information here. I am from Hampton Ga. I do alot of off road riding at Durhamtown, prentise cooper in Tenn and turkey bay in KY.

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Welcome to SSW. Which machine do you have?

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In order to post pictures on the internet you must first save them to a photo hosting web site like photobucket or onfinite which are both free. You will find that there are several others to choose from I just prefer photobucket,

Step .1

Save your pictures on your computer.

Step .2

Go ahead and register with photobucket if you haven't already (remember it's free). Once you've logged in you should see three windows to the right of the screen with buttons that say "Browse" at the end of each window. Select the LARGE size for posting on the PRC Forum and the MEDIUM size for posting in your signature.

Step .3

Click the browse button, a window will open and in the top pull down menu you should select your photo from your computer and double click on it. Then click UPLOAD. You follow the same steps if you wish to add more, just click on the browse button, find the picture and double click on it.

Step .4

Once you've got your pictures this far all you have to do is click the big blue "Dowload" button. After the download is completed you may see your picture and be asked to "Add titles, descriptions and tags to images below", this is your choice but I always choose "skip this step now".

Step .5

Your almost there, don't give up yet. You should see the original photobucket screen now with the windows and browse button, directly below those you should see the picture/pictures you just downloaded in your library, hold your mouse over the picture, underneath each picture is four address links in seperate windows that should pop up, go the very bottom one (the IMG link) left click over the link (it'll highlight blue) right click on it and select "Copy", then go over to your PRC reply your typing and right click there, select "Paste" and the picture link should appear in your post window. You will not see the picture, just the link at this point, at the bottom of each reply page next to the "Submit" button is a "Review" button, click on the "Review" button to view your post and your picture, if everything looks good then submit your reply.

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here are some specs. it uses a sym 300cc atv engine with a 4-valve head, ceramic coated cylinder. it has a 54 tooth axle sprocket, climbs like a goat but will only run 35mph for now.

its still stock but I have some goodies for it :D

24 hp 300cc SYM Engine w/2 Year Warranty
4-Stroke, 4-Valve Ceramic coated Cylinder
Liquid Cooled Engine
C.V.T. w/Reverse Transmission
EPA/CARB/Euro 2 Certified
Chain Drive
CDI/ Electric ignition

Steel Frame Body w/ Bolt on CBC
Rack & Pinion Steering
Double A-Arm Front Suspension w/ Strong Struts
Independent Dual A-Arm Rear Suspension
4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Large Utility Rear Rack

LxWxH: 90x62x63"

● Headlights w/ Hi-Lo Beams
● Speedometer, Odometer & Tachometer
● Horn
● 12V Power Plug
● Turn Signals
● Brake Lights
● Parking Brake
● Center Rear View Mirror
● Sealed Battery w/Larger Capacity
● Larger 4 gallon Gas Tank
w/Rollover Protection
● 4 Wheel Large Fenders
● 2" Rear Trailer Hitch Receiver
● Cast Ductile Iron Rear Knuckles
w/Sealed Bearings
● Automotive Grade Paint Finish
w/UV Protection on Metal Parts
● 46mph std or 56mph w/Optional 18 Tooth
Engine Drive Sprocket

Wheelbase: 68"

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its alot of fun. the best part is going riding with others and chewing the fat at a camp fire.

if its ok here is a link to our fall ride at turkey bay

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First off, Welcome to SSW. That is a cool looking ride. The riding countryside you were in also looks like some very nice area.

Thanks for sharing the Pics.
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