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We have decided to give Avatars a try on this site on a trial basis.Please follow these simple rules:
#1 Keep it clean ( No X or R rated pictures)
#2 Keep it Family Friendly
#3 No ads or links to a business or internet site unless you are an SSW Sponsor
#4 Avatars size will be no more than 100 X 100 and no more than 19.5 K
Failure to follow these guidlines will result in your Avatar being removed by SSW staff.

To post Avatars find and upload to your computer a suitable avatar from one of the many avatar sites, or create your own. Be sure to note where you saved it as you will need it for the next step. Now go to the avatar section in your profile, to the section titled: Upload Avatar from your machine: and click Browse. That will bring up your documents screen where you can find and click on your avatar, which will download it to SSW.
If regular photos are used be sure to resize to no more than 100 x 100 and 19.5 K or less or they will not download

Now click the submit button and you are done.

Signature Photo Size Restrictions

Personal sig photos must be retricted to a total of 600 pixels (300x300, 200x400, 1x500, 250x350, etc). If you use more than one pic, they must be small enough to fall within the total pixel size limit. For instance, two 150x150 photos. Official PRC or SSW banners will not count toward this total.

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I tried to update my Avatar today without any luck. All that shows now is an image of a broken image box. I can't even reinsert my old image now. Any suggestions?
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