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I just PM'd Peanut and his bride. Due to all the craziness lately regarding Peanut and his pouting, I restrained myself from moving the post, but I did tell them that posts being "......suitable for young eyes" is VERY important to us."

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Since you are the one with the e-mail in to peanut, how about sending him another and ask him to remove the head banging stick person from his sig line. It is one thing to have it in a post that will fade away but with him posting like he does, there is going to be head banging fake blood all over my screen!

Chris, sorry for switching gears on you but he originally didn't have it in his sig line or I just misread the post. Since Randy started on it, I think it would be best to let him finish. Now, this is a case where any other person would have just had it removed immediately. I hope I am not being too slack with him though.

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<br />Randy,

I couldn't take it any more. I didn't remove it because you were talking with him, but I did take the blood out of it. It was just too gross to be plastered all over PRC.
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I appreciate it, Gary. With all the crap going on over there lately, I just wasn't sure what the heck to do.
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