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As the SideXsideWorld and it's membership continues to steadily grow it has come to our attention that the need for a central parts information base for the RZR's is a necessity. We will be adding to this info base continually and as it filters in from our membership, sponsors, etc. Feel free to make suggestions, submit part numbers, etc. so that we may post them and get the info to our membership.
We would also like to encourage our membership to use our many sponsors listed at the bottom of the home page.
Thankyou !!
Polaris parts finder link:
JL Squared Inc. offer's two "Lucas Oil" Oil change Kits
1.) Complete Lubricant Change w/ oil filter
2.) Engine Oil w/ oil filter.

Complete Lubricant Change Kit includes:
*2 quarts - 0W-40 synthetic Motorcycle oil
*2 quarts- Syn 75/90 Gear Oil
*2 quarts- Semi- Syn ATF
*Oil Filter
Price For PRC members: $48.00 Plus shipping
Retail: $ 66.99

Engine Oil Change Kit includes:
*2 quarts - 0W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
*Oil Filter
Price For PRC members: $23.00 Plus Shipping
Retail: $30.99

You can order these kits by email at: [email protected] or by phone @ 317-783-3340
Synthoil Supply carries AMSOIL Products:

Polaris Fluid Requirements:

Front Gearcase Oil:
Polaris Demand Drive LT Premium Fluid
6.75 oz. (200 ml)

Transmission Oil: Main Gearcase
Polaris High Performance AGL
24 oz. (710 ml)

Transmission Oil: Transfer Case
Polaris High Performance AGL
14 oz. (414 ml)

Rear Gearcase Oil:
Polaris Premium ADF
18 oz. (532 ml)

Engine Oil:
Premium 4-Cycle Synthetic OW-40
2009 models on its 2W-50.
Oil Capacity 2 qts. / 1.9 liters
OEM Oil Filter - #2540086

Polaris 60/40 Anti-Freeze / Coolant
Coolant Capacity 4.8 qts. / 4.5 liters

Aftermarket Oil Filters:

Mobil 1 = M1-110
Purolator PureOne = PL14612
Bosch = 3323
Super Tech = ST7317
Wix = 51356
OEM Belt: 3211113
Tools needed to change out belt:
2 – 5/8” wrenches or socket/ratchet
1 – 3/8” wrench or preferably ratchet/socket/extension
1 – # T-27 torx bit
*Needle nose pliers

*In case belt shreds
Spark Plugs:
OEM Plug:Champion RC7YC3
AC Delco Rapid FIre Platinum #9
2008 Polaris RZR - Voltage Regulator Relocation Kit

OEM Battery:
Yuasa YTX20HL
18 Amp Hr. / 310 CCA / 12 Volt
Replacement Batteries:
Oddesey 925 L Battery
Deka ETX30L
Replacement U-Joint:
Tractor Supply- Weasler Brand

Fuel pump replacement:
Airtex E-8335 pump ( 93 Jeep Wrangler w/2.5 L )

Polaris RZR air intake and filter problems

K&N Apollo system:

Opti-Air filter:

D.I.Y. Snorkels
D.I.Y. Snorkels UPDATE--1st ride report
D.I.Y. Clutch Spacer Removal
Misc. Polaris Parts / Numbers:

Oil Lock Shock Assembly (Tilt Steering Shock) - 7043261
OEM U-Joint - 2200771
RZR S Fender Flares - 2877314.
08-09 Sportsman 800 Clutch Cover w/Drain - 2633262
OEM Fuel Pump - 2521011
OEM Rear Brake Pads - 2202412
TPS Adjustment:
backprobed with a Multimeter:
"08" = .735 +/- .01 vdc
"09" = .730 +/- .010 vdc

"10" = .690 - .730 vdc
TPS Learn Function (2010 Models)
The TPS automatically learns the idle setting at every key-on
occurrence. This function provides more consistent calibration
by compensating for TPS drift. However, if the TPS reading gets
below .690 Vdc or above .730 Vdc, the learn function is set to
default to the last successfully learned point and the “Check
Engine” or “MIL” indicator will illuminate. Performing the
“TPS Adjustment” procedure will remedy this problem.

TPS: part # 2410342 ($143.08 Polaris list ?)
TPS Sensor Tester: part # 2201519-A ( $89.99 Polaris list ?)

TBAP Plug/Wire Repair Kit:
2875542 Kit Harness
RZR Blink Codes:

To recall blink codes (fail codes) from the ECU:
1. Verify the key switch is off and the transmission is in
2. Turn the key switch ON and OFF 3 times within 5 seconds
and leave the key switch in the ON position on the third
turn. The word “Wait” will appear as the ECU searches for
blink codes.
3. Any “blink codes” stored in the ECU will display a
numerical “blink code”, one at a time, in numerical order,
on the instrument cluster display.
4. The word “End” and/or the number “61” will display after
all of the codes have been displayed or if no codes are

21: Loss Synchronization
22: TPS: Open or Short Circuit to Ground
22: TPS: Short Circuit to Battery
23: RAM Error: Defective ECU
25: Transmission Input: Invalid Gear
41: Intake Air Temp Sensor: Open or Short Circuit to =Sensor Voltage(ECU)
41: Intake Air Temp Sensor: Short Circuit to Ground
42: Engine Tempurature Sensor Circuit: Short to Ground
42: Engine Tempurature Sensor Circuit: Open or Short to Battery
45: Barometric Pressure Sensor: Circuit Low Input
46: Barometric Pressure Sensor: Circuit High Input
51: Injector 1: Open Load
51: Injector 1: Short Circuit to Ground
51: Injector 1: Short Circuit to Battery
52: Injector 2: Open Load
52: Injector 2: Short Circuit to Ground
52: Injector 3: Short Circuit to Battery
54: Engine Temperature Lamp: Open Load
54: Engine Tempurature Lamp: Short Circuit to Ground
54: Engine Temperature Lamp: Short Circuit to Battery
55: Diagnostic Lamp: Open Load
55: Diagnostic Lamp: Short Circuit to Ground
55: Diagnostic Lamp: Short Circuit to Battery
56: Pump Relay: Open Load
56: Pump Relay: Short Circuit to Ground
56: Pump Relay: Short Circuit to Battery
61: All Clear: No issue

To reset the service interval:

1. Enter the diagnostic mode.
2. Toggle to the service interval screen.
3. Press and hold the mode button for 2-3 seconds, until the
wrench icon flashes. Release the button.
4. Press and release the mode button once to advance the
setting by one hour. Press and hold the mode button to
advance the hours quickly.
NOTE: If you scroll past the intended number, press
and hold the button until the hours cycle back to
5. When the desired setting is displayed, wait until the wrench
icon stops flashing. The new service interval is now
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