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Is youth safety a 'taboo' topic in our community?

Discussion in 'Riding Access Issues' started by SxS, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Years ago, after funding/hosting a few youth atv safety training courses in our area; I suggested in several forums that we needed to get serious about safety in our sport as related to young operators.
    As with many issues such as working together (cross-sport) on multi-use trails; the concept of 'pay-to-play' and zero-tolerance regarding booze/helmets...the subject(s) went absolutely no where whenever brought forward.

    I've been away from the sport for quite some time and wondered if any site administrators or clubs have ever gotten serious on the topic of at least pushing for training in side-by-sides or lobbying the safety side in general.

    I've read about a lot of kids being seriously hurt or killed in our machines and always wondered why the community never (apparently) took up this torch and ran with it from the very beginning.

    Edit: There seems to be any number of programs for tactical, law enforcement, rescue and even corporate team building...yet what is the latest position from the community regarding say our perpetual discussions with the CPSC? (which is obviously going to expand under a liberal administration).
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    Since SSW is family friendly, family oriented site, we are obviously going to promote and support Safe Riding, whether its a Youth or an Adult. It only makes sense. SSW would in no way, shape, or form, condone driving the SxS while operating under the influence of a controlled substance.

    If SSW Members know of any local training classes and training dates for ATV or Side by Sides, they woud be more than willing to post those in the All Member Discussiosn Area. I am sure this information would be welcomed by the community.

    Finally, I am not totally sure I understand the last point in your Post regarding the Consumer Products Safety Commission. I certainly don't believe our forum speficically has "Perpetual Discussions with the CSPC". and I don't know why we would.

    It would make sense that CSPC related questions and cocnerns should be funnled through the Recreational Off-Highay Vehicle Association, which is a voluntary consortium made up by Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha.

    This organization is working with the CSPC to create the First Ever Design, Configuration and Performance Standards. This will be Voluntary ANSI Standard (ANSI/ROHVA 1-200X) that addresses the design and performance of ROVs sold in North America.

    There contact information is listed below

    Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association
    2 Jenner
    Suite 150
    Irvine, CA 92618-3806
    (949) 255-2560 - Ext. 3132
    (949) 727-4216 - Fax
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    :D Michigan / ATV - ORV Training
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    I keep forgetting that when I say "our community" when referring to ongoing discussions with those who affect our sport...I'm speaking of a 'shared values' concept specific to our machines (whether atv or utv) that did not exist when I looked into the reasoning years ago...and may not even exist today.

    Years ago, we let the AMA (and their much lesser almost 'second thought' sister org; the ATVA) handle basically all of our representative needs; including extremely important compromising at CPSC hearings in vogue during this period (most in this sport would just as soon forget exactly why they were held in WV and why the subject of even 'helmets' was not even clearly brought forward at that time).

    Our discussions (or 'community-wide' positions brought forward beforehand) with the CPSC were never broken down into what the atv/utv community believes to be true v.s. what the AMA/manufacturer desires.. because the atv community (at that time) never decided that safety was an important enough issue to be heard separately or collectively on beyond whatever the AMA/manufacturers deemed fit.

    Maybe there's a strong (stand alone) atv or utv organization today who represents the largest single segment of offroad machines in existence; yet again, I haven't been around enough lately to know who these people are or what websites promote as being the best place to send (machine or class specific) support.
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    Thanks for the links, Rich; I obviously missed the "accidents" topic related to safety training and posted under the wrong heading (please move if you wish).

    I was pretty vocal about Michigan safety training years ago and don't know how the game is played now; yet always felt that youth training 'subsidies' for parents taken out of our sticker money was a ridiculous idea that took much needed funds from elsewhere. Literally millions of dollars have went down this (quote/unquote) 'non-profit' rat-hole over the years...we even witnessed the "Escalade pulling a trailer" phenomena when we sponsored training classes ourselves (out of our own pocket/no write-offs). :wink:

    There are a lot of people out there right now complaining about how the government needs to get out of their lives...yet who often want even more than what the government has taken in for the enjoy an activity that they truthfully have no "God-given" right to.
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    As of today, I'm having trouble opening their link for public commentary to the CPSC and an explanation of the new standards:

    As for funneling CPSC (safety) related questions through this organization; it may be useful to note that not only are these ANSI regs. (now) being pushed for a competitive advantage (imo)...but there are also position papers out supporting no 'on road' use whatsoever for ROVs; along with positions on 50" only/single use trails that bear some digging in to. We are allowing orv leaders (and now evidently manufacturers) to cut this community up in to "everybody for themselves" clubs/political factions and wholly separate trail systems...which only benefits the individual non-profits seeking to preserve their share of the grant/donated pie...instead of sharing it with the rest of the community.
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    Just a fyi

    Snowest is having some ride fest deal in west yellowstone the last weekend in jan. Im sure it will be packed. Unless thats why you are going.

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