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just for the voters out there

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i like that rzrwecker!!!!

Didn't think we needed this on the forum.

Oh brother!! True nonetheless!!

I'm not going to say I didn't laugh about it, but why would rzrwrecker think its ok to post it here. This guy is a headcase.

Because he is a dipsh*t!!!!


But, but, but, he'll be at the rally[:D] It would certanly be horible if something came up and he couldn't make it[:D][:D]
I know, I'm mean[}:)]

Maybe we can beat some Tennessee sense into him. If he follows me around I may wear a helmet all the time!

You know, it might sound rotten, but if we were hard enough on him here maybe he would just quit.

Maybe, but we don't play that way in the real world.

I still don't think it would stop him. Who's his dealer? hehehe
Gary, bring your asp.LOL

Not the best thing to post here but you've got to admit that is FREAK'IN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Why don't you guys send him down here to Miss and we can put a good ole ******* boot party on his arse.

Wow I think I may vote for Hillary after all, I feel sort of sad for her. I think I know the bumper sticker I'll use

<center><font color="red"><font size="3">I'm voting for Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriends wife</font id="size3"></font id="red"></center>

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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