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LED Turn Signal Kit for Ranger, Razor, Rhino, Prowler, Mule

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This is a 12 volt (12V) LED Turn Signal Kit with 2 Amber (front) and 2 Red (rear) LED lights. The 4 LED light kit comes with a turn signal switch, which has a pilot light for the turn signals and 4-way emergency flashers (hazard warning). The turn signal switch has a pull on for the 4-way hazard lights and the hardware to mount it to your steering column. The 4 LED lights are 2”x 4” rectangular with 16 (LED) Light Emitting Diodes each, polycarbonate lens & housing, hard wired with encapsulated electronics to eliminate corrosion and the screws to mount them. The Special LED Electronic Flasher has the 3 pin connections for the LOAD, PILOT and POWER. This special electronic LED flasher is also quite, no annoying clicking sounds.

This kit can be easily installed, it does not go into any factory wiring, and it’s a completely independent system that comes with the wiring diagram and instructions. Each wire has a different color and the diagram shows where each colored wire goes. I include my phone number and e-mail address with the instructions, so if you have any questions about your installation you can contact me.

I supply the major quality components and hardware to mount them; you supply the color wire and connectors you want to use. This kit can be installed on any 12 volt Side by Side, UTV, ATV, Golf Cart, Cub Cadet, Club Car or Sand Car. You can view pictures of my Polaris Ranger at and my buddies have installed their kits on the Polaris Razor, Yamaha Rhino, Arctic Cat Prowler, Kawasaki Mule and Teryx, Sand Rail and Dune Buggy.

The local dealer charges $360 to install a kit with only 2 LED lights and 2 Bulb lights. You can install my 4 LED lights, turn signal switch and special electronic flasher, and save hundreds of dollars. This turn signal switch has been installed on thousands of units, very nice and easy to operate. The Motor Vehicle Department and your local police departments will be impressed. Everyone who rides on the street, off road, at the dunes or in congested riding areas, should have turn signals for there added safety.

Price: $135

Call Cisco at (623) 435-1337 or E-mail to [email protected] with any questions.

I can save you time and fuel, contact me for shipping information.
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Its too bad this guy is a violator, it looks like a good deal at first glance.
You're right Curt. Heck, that might be something I add one day!!
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