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Low-Budget rear-view mirror...........

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Wal-Mart, in the infant department. Munchkins mirror. $5.00. Take a 1-3/4 hose-clamp and thread it through. Done. It will scratch if you wipe it with a dirty rag, but Hey, chunk it and go buy another.......149.00 for a billet morror???? I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry it was dirty when I took the pic..............

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Very cool idea! Thanks for posting up the info looks great!
Jimbo, Good idea and like you said - if you mess it up, pitch it in the can and replace it. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.
Great idea!
I like this idea, wife is in town right now, I'm going to see if she can find some to try.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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