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I spent all day while I was working at my desk monitoring the "HELMETS, DRINKING, GUNS,RIDING ATV'S" thread. It was one of those threads you expect to explode, and I could see some members that were mad about what ff2228 said, some that were siding with him, but I could also see that even the members we expect problems from trying to restrain themselves from going to far. It was good to see them work it out without intervention.

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I was watching also and almost said something but decided to let it go right before you chimed in Curt. I like the way the forum has been working the last week. It makes it a lot easier when everbody's not blowing up. Still got to keep and eye on supersonictoys though. I think he comes looking for a fight most of the time. Its nice to come to this section with something good!!!
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