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Folks, I have toiled about this for a couple of weeks now and have waited to mention changing it, in hopes that we might get an influx of "last minute" signups........but I have pretty much decided to cancel the dinner.

There are a few reasons, and not necessarily in this order:
(1) At present, we only have about 10 parties confirmed.
(2) Of those 10, it looks like only 4 of us will be there on that date....although there are a couple who have not confirmed arrival/departure dates yet.
(3) It looks like Dave will be the only other SSW staff member there to assist.

It just doesn't make sense to drag that stuff over to the pavillion, only to cook for 4 parties. Dave and I both have families and will be cooking anyway, so I'll just extend an offer to Paul, Kamen and Storm (if they make it in time), and anyone else that might be there on Wednesday evening to eat with us. I'll already be cooking for my 5 (possibly more if the nieces or nephews come), and Dave will have his 5 (possibly an extra), so I think that throwing an extra couple of burgers and dogs on the grill will be easier and simpler than trying to make an event out of this.

Dave and I will be camped in RV sites A-16 and A-17, so please feel free to come eat with us on Wednesday evening. Even if you're not hungry, and no matter which night, please stop by and let me know you're here and introduce yourselves.
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