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Michigan Duners, flag question for you

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Hey guys, I was wondering how all of you michigan duners (if there are any here) were mounting their flags to their RZR.

I know there are a bunch of nice mounts that go in the rear in the L&R mounts, and a bunch more that clamp to the roll cage...but in Michigan, we have to run the flags on the front of the that kills all of the options that I have seen. On my old RZR, I had a pre-runner bumper and I fabbed up a little bracket to mount the flag to that...but I traded in that RZR today for an 09 "S" model, and I don't have a bumper for it yet, and I'm making my first trip up to the dunes this year this coming I need a quick solution. I know I could always add another front bumper and throw my old flag mount on, but I'm trying to keep the weight as low as possible on this no big heavy bolt-on bumpers if I can help it.

thanks for any help and information,

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Most use a mount that attaches to a front bumper. Or just a tab welded to the front bumper with a hole in it for the flag. Remember UTVs on silver lake are front mount flags only allowed.
Dave, what size hole for the flag?
Seasonedsole said:
Dave, what size hole for the flag?
1/2" hole 10' high
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