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More insane utv vids

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What not to do in a UTV..... I'm buying a Helment and 5 point harness.

Crash & Hard Landing Compilation - Part 1 - Super ATV

This is just insane...

Polaris RZR "UNDER WATER" 9 feet
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That is just plain nutz.

Also for the other it is luck nobody broke any bones. All I see is people grabbing for the Roll Cage as they go tumble tumble tumble. That is a sure way to lose a limb.

Very Cool Videos though, just glad its not me :)
Wow, were those guys intentionally trying to flip their machines?! Looks like a good way to attain serious injury.

The RZR sub' is pretty impressive. 8)
Those guys are definetly not concerned about what it costs to fix a machine :shock:
all of these videos have somthing in common.... alot of liquid courage.! :shock:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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