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Moved topic Plugs

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I received this from Bud....

Hello absea

You received the following message from: budndar ([email protected])

>>Gary, can you tell me why a bunch of topic were moved a little while
ago? just wondering because the one i posted was not a tech or mod topic
but thats where it was moved to. i posted in rzr discussions to find
out what everyone is doing about plugs. thanks, bud>>

He felt is was more of a regular maintenance type post.
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This is an area where I feel we're sometimes inconsistant in our moderating. I mean shucks, I could spend all day moving posts out of the RZR Disussions area and into their proper forum. In fact, earlier today, I read a 'For Sale' post about an under dash block-off kit. I left it because of all the whining that goes on all of the time if we 'moderate' that section.

Any suggestions for consistency Randy?

The only suggestion I have Gary is this: That we move posts as we see fit, and ignore those who question or complain about it. I just don't believe that we can have any middle ground because -- as we've learned -- there are many who, when given an inch, will take a mile.

Take Budndar, for example. I don't think we owe him any explanation. Chris took a post that he put in the wrong forum, and moved it to the appropriate one. If he cannot figure that out for himself than he probably won't agree with the explanation either.

The RZR Tech and Mod section is largely under-used because of guys wrongfully placing those types of posts up in the discussions area. I remember when I first joined PRC and misplaced a post here and there. You guys moved it and I apologized for doing it wrong in the first place. I didn't complain that it shouldn't have been moved because I knew that my membership here was a privilege, not a right.

I think we are going to have to make a post in the RZR section and just tell them to be patient for a little bit while we type up some guidelines. Something similar to the non sponsor/sponsor rules. Then we can sticky the dang thing there in the only section some of them visit. We will have clear cut rules that all of us hammer out. Not only will that give us an out, we can say see rule so and so, but it will help Chris and Mike as well. There will always be gray areas I guess when it could go either way. If we have that, then we could just leave it where it is. Then, hopefully the whining will quieten down. Or, at least move on to something different!!

What do ya'll think?

BTW, it is not all our fault either. By all, I mean all of us here in this section. An original poster bears responsibility of trying to put stuff in the right spot. If in doubt, type it once and then put a copy of it in the section it could go in.

I hate to see even more rules posted. If we get to many they will ignore them all. I say move them and if they holler look it over and see If we missed something in our move. If not leave it there. KISS Keep it simple stupid.

I kind of feel sorry for you Chris and Mike. Not exaggerating, 90% of all our headaches over the last year have started in the RZR Forum. We don't have anything major going on right now, but these boys will really challenge you! Many of the same problems occurred on the other forum early on, but we got them trained now. [:D]

Well, we can just not post them in the RZR section and instead of rules, we can think of guidelines just for our benefit. That might help in letting each of us know how the other thinks. My idea of what needs to move might not fit someone else's.

Other forums I belong to moderators move posts all the time. Some complain and some jump on the thread and predict the topic will soon be moved.
Maybe a general message to the forum would read. "Moderators do the best they can to oversee that posts are in the proper location. Please do not take it personally if we move your post. Our quest is to be the most family oriented, informative, and organized forum on the net. Sometimes, it means we need move posts."

I like that Neal. PRC too moves posts all of the time and we never met much resistance until the RZR brought in the younger crowd. Dang kids anyway! LOL

I like Neal's idea. It's a combination of Gary's and Bruce's thoughts as they relate to this issue.


I too like the wording and thought on the matter. It is WAAAAAYYYYY better than the wording I had in mind and a lot longer!! LOL!!

Just found this thread, I've been a little busy lately, Yeah, I can come up with about 20 that could be moved at any time in the rzr section.. Where do you draw the line? I like Neal's suggestion. It comes across good. My concern is I've been a moderator for a week and don't want to stir the kettle to badly. I don't want the guys in the rzr section to turn on me, or think I'm not one of them anymore. I'm still on here for the discussions, info, and friendships, not just as a moderator.


No problem. I don't think we expect you and Chris to clear everything up in one fell swoop. Just take care of the occaisional obvious move, any spammers and things like that. Ease into the role instead of jumping in the deep end. If none of the posts got moved as far as being in the right or wrong section, it wouldn't hurt anything, just be a little confusing. The biggest thing is to be even handed and consistent. If you move nothing for a while and then move a bunch, it will be a lot more noticeable to the masses. A better approach is to do a few along at a consistant pace. Now, in the other sections, you may go a month and never have to move anything.

Let me know if you would like me to stickey it at the top of some select sections (or all of them). I could also add a little more stating "If you have a question concerning why your post was moved please direct it to the moderator that moved it"

Does it tell the member who moved the post?

Some reason I tought it did but now that you asked I do'nt know.

No, the software only sends a message saying your post was moved or deleted but not by whom. I am assuming you are talking about the automatic e-mail.

Yea, I think I knew that and forgot. Anyway, let me know if you want the first part posted by me and I will be happy to do so.

Neal, go ahead and post it in the Ranger and Rzr sections. Then lock the topic, leave it for information, not discussion.

Mission accomplished Boss
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