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Need Lots Of Help In Arkansas

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Say byby to ATV's and SxS's over 50" wide in Arkansas Forests.
You do not have to be from Aransas To send comments.

We have been alerted by FS Ranger that is friendly to ATVers to a rule in the Ouachita Forest Regiter that may well be implimented into the new MVUM. This rule I beleive is also in the Forest register for the Ozark forest and may well one day soon be enforced. Anyway we could really use some help with letters, e-mails or phone calls so we can try to get this one heade off before it hits us.

Need some help on new rule that possibly will take hold when the new MVUM is put out. This is in the forest register already. They intend to limit OHV's to 50" width, which is rediculas when you see the way they have widened all the trails. Heck most of the trails out in the forest outside the system trails are old roads that are plenty wide for OHV's over 50" wide.

Yes it is amazing how they have turned trails into super highways at WPG and other areas. All for the purpose of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-----I mean logging. The really strange part is the forest register says trails will be limited to 50" width OHV's. Isn't amzing how the trails can support large over weight logging vehicles but not little ole OHV's? It may help if everyone would send letters (e-mails) to [email protected] and put ATTN: Forest Supervisor, Mr. Wagner in the subjetct line along with 50" width atv rule. Make sure you request a response and keep all info you send and recieve. You will need to send your full name (fist-middle-last) e-mail addy, physical addy and phone # to get any response.
You can also write to:
Ouachita National Forest
P.O. Box 1270
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902

Or call: 501-321-5202

Guys we really need some help on this one. Not just SxS's will be illegal but many of the bigger bore ATV's. It only takes a minute to help.

Ed Fulton
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