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New "Cooter Brown" Hardcoat windshields in stock.

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We now have our "Cooter Brown" line of products starting to come available. We now have our RZR Hard coat windshields available.
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Thanks for the information Rick, the cool thing about this setup, you can actuslly have a windshield wiper installed and not damage the plastic to use it.
Rick, looks to be a real nice piece - thanks for bringing it to our attention.
I was checking those cooter brown windshields out and came across the wiper blade set up. Will that wiper damage a plastic windsheild?
It would need to be one heck of a good coating to prevent it.
i have had my windsheild for a few weeks now and not a scratch yet. i have the wiper but i have not put it on yet.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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