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New DDP Power package Turbo Clutch kit

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I went to Glamis this past weekend to give my new clutch kit a test in the sand. First off.... the weather I ordered was not there....the temperature was...82 degrees, but so was the wind 15 to 30mph:cry: Now for the clutch.....on pavement with stock tires, when accelerating, at 35mph it seems to grab another gear and accelerate even faster, hit rev limiter at 58 to 60mph.
Now for the sand....which is where I ride the most. I went from 0 to 55mph in less than 300 ft of which is when it hit the rev limiter, about 6400 rpm. The sand was extreamly soft from all the wind blown sand but super smooooooth, the only tracks were the ones we were making. :D I went Olds Hill and compaired to last time, I was going 7mph faster at the top, 47mph and in AWD. I will need to add some weight to the tips of the arms to get more top end, I was going around the big bowls at 55mph....what a rush. With the turbo and the new DDP clutch kit this is one Bad A_ _ ride in the dunes. I know there are faster RSR-S's but in the tight dunes this ride can squat and get if you know what I mean :wink: . I can now stay up with the quads and still have a little power to spare. No heat issues with the engine or the clutch.
One more thing...... there is sand highway, very long and full of woops, when riding there in the past I could only maintain 40mph and a rough ride. This time I just nailed the throttle and floated through the woops at 50 plus mph, I supprised myself as well as the quads and one long travel buggy we road with Sat night.
I'm pleased with this setup thus far, still only running 9 1/2 lbs of boost, if anyone has any questions or comments please chime in.
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sounds like you are getting that set up dialed in good.

Sounds like you have an awesome ride. Glad its working out well for you
That sounds like a winning combonation!
Sounds impressive, glad everything is working out well with the combo.
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