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New Gauges + A Little BLING

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Finally got around to adding gauges to my RIDE and thought a Pic is worth a Thousand Words.

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MVrzr said:
What do all of your gauges monitor and what are your switches for?

3 Gauges above steering wheel are
Oil Pressure,Voltage,Water Temp
Gauge to the right of the Speedo is the WIDEBAND O2 SENSOR Gauge

Switch immediately to the right of these gauges, allow turning the GAUGE LIGHTS On or Off

Switches on the right above grap bar are
Turn the TAILLIGHTS On or Off
Toggle Switch allows turning the BRAKE Lights On or Off
Turn the Wideband O2 Sensor Gauge On or Off
Turn the BACKUP CAMERA On or Off
Have also changed the wiring allowing the WORK LIGHTS to come on when placing the Transmission in REVERSE, have a Toggle Switch to control whether this feature is Inabled or Not
Here are a few closeup pics

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:roll: THANKS Guys, Just trying to make the O L D 08 look a little better
a57chevy43 said:
I want to do that to mine also. Is there a post on the other site for where to hook the guages to the engine and what fittings you will need?
Here is a pic of where the oil pressure and H20 temp hooked up. I"ll try to find the sales slip where I purchased the 90 degree fitting for the oil pressure and the hose connector for the H2O temp. I had to tap&die the hose connector for the temp sensor. I used a bronze hose connector cause it was easier to drill. Voltage just hooked up under the dash.There is already a plug about 6" below the water pump, that goes into the oil galley, so I just removed the plug and placed my fitting there.
I'll also try to get some clearer, more close up pics.

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a57chevy43 said:
I want to do that to mine also. Is there a post on the other site for where to hook the guages to the engine and what fittings you will need?
Sorry buddy, I couldn't find the sales slips, but here more pics, if they would help you.

When you install the sensors

Remove the clutch cover and the primary clutch, making certain to move your drive belt out of the way. This will serve 2 purposes.
1. It makes it much easier to access the small cramped space you have to work in
2. When you cut the radiator hose, cut the one going to the pump in the straight part going down toward the skid plate. Use a couple of fairly strong clamps to prevent dumping ALL the antifreeze. I probably only lost about 1 cup. By removing the primary clutch and moving the belt, you can save yourself some cleanup and cleanout time, in case the antifreeze squirts out when you make your cut. I DIDN'T DO THIS and I DID get a good squirt.

Give the threads on all the fittings teflon tape. Don't be skimpy, this could save you some leaks later on.

When you install the hose connector, if the ends that will be inserted into the radiator hose are smooth, take a file and rough them up, so they will get a better grip inside the hose. Also, before installing the clamps on either end, take some electrical tape(sticky both sides, NOT the slick type) and wrap the ends of the hose where the connectors will be located.
This will provide a better bite and prevent the clamps from wearing into the hose.

I placed both the sensor wires going from the engine into a small wire loom and routed them back under the seats, then forward under the drivers side following some of the existing wiring.
NO NEED to drop SKID plate, JUST remove your center console.(MUCH EASIER)

Kind of lengthy post, but I hope it helps.
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Super Good Look & Very Professional Done. Lighting looks great with night pic.
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