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One Cool Stool

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This is the must have Shop or Garage Item. This is One Cool Stool by Marshall Motoart. At SEMA last year lots said the only thing that could possibly make the stool better is adjustability. So we listened and here it is. The One Cool Adjustable Stool. We have a 5 leg design for super stability, adjustable height 19.5" to 26.5", we have special formulated wheels that are non marring, oil and gas resistant, and wont pick up slag and drill shavings. You can cover your shop floor with one push, One Cool Stool uses High Precision Sealed bearings in the wheels and roller cup. Adjustable Stool Runs $279.95. For you guys that adjustability isn't as important we have a 4 leg non adjustable model for $199.95. This will be the last shop stool you will ever have to buy. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks

[email protected]
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Now that is - 'One Cool 8) Stool' !! :wink:
It needs offroad tires 8) :lol: :lol:
Hmm, I am sure Marshall Motoart can offer a motor for a "One Cool Stool" Bar Stool Racer Model :) 8)
That is a sweet looking stool Jake. That would look sweet on my garage floor. My birthday is June 28, so I've got time to drop some hints to the wife!

Yes you guys would love that stool everyone that has used loves them they are the smoothest stools out there and they don't get stuck on things in the garage. I will post a video we have of me going like 20 through a parking lot on one. They are incredible.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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