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Want wicked accelleration for your RZR?  We can help you out at Bikeman Performance.  Our new pipe and clutch kit combo makes huge gains in accelleration.  The pipe is a two into one performance header with our unique internal stinger design to optimize peak horsepower.  Our muffler is a multichamber design that has a great rumble to it without being too loud.  Check out UTV magazine recent shoot out, they really praised us for having the best sound and excellent performance.  You can really feel how much more grunt and throttle response the machine has with the pipe and clutch kit installed.  The pipe and muffler installs very easily.  We have used both the boondocker or the dobeck TFI controller.  The dobeck version is working great and for less money, but the boondocker is nitrous compatable.  Pipes are $529 for black, $549 for chrome.   They come with the two into one header section with internal stingers, multichamber muffler, the 180 u bend setion of the pipe.  Efi controller $249.  BMP Supertip clutch kit is $349 with adjustable weights, primary and secondary springs, and custom multi angle helix.  PRC members can get a 10% discount if you order by April 25th!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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