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Overhead Stereo and Speakers

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One thing thats nice about the Rangeware roof is that it actually sits a little bit above the roll cage giving a guy some room for a stereo box. The elevated roof keeps the enclosure from hanging down very far at all. I picked up the enclosure for about 18 bucks shipped off of ebay. I drilled 4 holes in the roof and used stainless steel hardware with flat washers that have rubber on one side to keep the roof from leaking.

I wanted the speakers overhead as well so their out of the weather and wanted to make them look good so I decided to design something myself. After using a few pieces of cardboard to make a template I grabbed some 1/4" plywood I had lying around and went to work. I'm no upholstery guy but I got the fabric to look pretty nice.

I haven't picked up a stereo yet but so far I've only spent about $70.00 in this project. Kenwood speakers from Pep Boys - $48.00, Stereo box from ebay - $18.00 and some automotive fabric from Pep Boys - $4.00
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