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Free Agent said:
I drained the oil from one of the rear gear boxes and it says to fill with Polaris AGL oil.
The closest dealer is 2 hrs away.

Is their any other oil brand I can use?

RB, I would contact Mike ( Z71 ).

or talk to LeAnn:

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By rear gear box's you must be talking about the transmission? AGL is used in trans and transfer case.

AGL is a light synthetic lube, AMSOIL replacement is Series 2000 Synthetic Chaincase Oil. ---->Click here to order

For Razor
Trans takes 24 oz
Transfer case takes 14oz

Replaces these Polaris numbers
Synthetic Gearcase Lube
SCL Chaincase Lubricant
AGL ATV Gearcase Lubricant

BTW-AMSOIL has distribution center (DC) in Las Vegas which means quick ship-to times.
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