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Polaris: Ranger Park Brake Mod.
By: mars1952 aka Marshall

Hi Folks: I know I just finished my 5 cent E-Brake fix but I knew that it wouldn't last very long. So I went ahead and finished my Semi Metallic E-Brake Mod.
With this Mod you can use all the stock E-Brake parts including the metal from the pads.
I started with a used set of brake pads off the rear of a 1998 Volvo Cross Country and a worn out set of Ranger E-Brake pads. I used a plasma cutter to cut a notch for the Volvo pads and MIG welded them together and voila, you have semi-metallic pads on stock Ranger parts.

Here are 2 detailed video’s explaining everything. I posted them on Youtube .

Part 1.

Part 2.

I would like to see pictures or video of your efforts to reproduce this MOD. I would especially like to see any innovations you might come up with.
Good Luck,

Great job on the mod and video's Marshall - thanks for sharing them with us !! 8) :wink:
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