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Post up pictures of your hunting/fishing rigs.

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It is a Gator Trax 17/44 with Nat Gear camo done by me and my dad, with a Mudbuddy Mini 4000, and 40lb thrust Power Drive V2 trolling motor. I got a humminbird 525 on the way with a ram mount for it. Also this is hopefully my up and coming hunting partner. If any one needs contact info on how to buy any of these shoot me a pm, I got a guy for ya. Also everyone post up pictures of your rigs.

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That is a nice looking boat you have there and a good looking friend to ride with you. Thanks for sharing.

Nice boat and dog there :!:
dlineman1 prc9756 sxs480
Looks like a great setup!
Good looking boat and hunting buddy.
Here' all my hunting rigs, included is my 2 wheel cart and my son, and my wife "caddy" ! :lol:

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Very nice pics fellas - thanks for sharing them with us. :wink:
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