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PRC Ownership

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Definitions of PRC Ranger Club and PRC Ranger Forum

PRC Ranger Club ….A Limited Liability Company solely owned by Gary Lenon. Membership is free and it is administered by Gary Lenon with the assistance of Bruce Spann. The club is managed by the Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Rally Director and the Public Relations Director. The support staff includes PRC Ranger Club Moderators, Advisory Board Members and Special Committee Members.

The club uses the forum for member communication, promoting events and providing product and Polaris Ranger information.

PRC Ranger Forum…A privately owned business that provides free forum services to the PRC Ranger Club. The forum is owned by Gary Lenon who is responsible for all financial matters, including forum hosting, technical upgrades, tech support, attorney fees, promotional products, store inventory, business service fees, operational costs and sponsorship contracts.

The PRC Ranger Club content of the forum is managed by the PRC Club Management Team consisting of the PRC Ranger Club Administrator, Assistant Administrator and PRC Club Directors. Support teams include the PRC Ranger Club Advisory Board and Special Committees appointed by Club Administrators.
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