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problem with no power forward but okay in reverse 3010

Discussion in 'Kawasaki SxS Discussions' started by tbergman74434, Dec 11, 2019.

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    Our kawasaki mule 3010 with around 400 hours recently stopped working properly when I washed it. (I knew I should not have done that{:) It was always cold natured, requiring some choke even in summer, but it would carry 6 adults up a 30% grade without a complaint. After being left at the camp for several months, I heard nuts rattling in the clutch housing from a packrat I suspect, but I just ran it for a while and the nuts and stuff came out, and it ran okay, until I washed it. Since then it will stall and stutter so badly I could barely get it on a tip up trailer. Hauled it in and our maintenance man has been working on it for a while. We replaced the gas, replaced the plugs, checked for clear air intake and exhaust, none of these had any effect, so we replaced the carb thinking that ought to fix it. That has fixed the cold start issue. It now starts without choking and the motor sounds good revving in neutral. It also has plenty of power in reverse, but in forward, it won't even crawl over a parking stop. We think it might be something to do with the drive belt or clutches. Thoughts? (I know I should not have just ignored the we are.)

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