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Project X Update

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The RZR-Xpress is a couple of steps closer to being done, but still a long, long way to go..
i put all the plastic on it just to verify fitting.. (actually wanted to make sure i could fit the trottle bodies under the bed, i dont want no holes in the bed)
also wanted to see how the fit was behind the seats..

i also test fit the steering column and pedals, (just to make sure)
added a couple of new plastic pieces that i didnt have before, and surprisingly everything fit..

i did have to go a little nuts with the back of the frame to get the axles coming out where i wanted them to and to get the motor low enough so i wasnt cutting the bed..

i have the front two motormounts done, but it's still sitting on a piece of wood in the back.. :(
half of the rear mount is finished..

what's next? back quarter of the frame with the bed supports and rear suspension..

in this picture, the motor is actually in the car

it's starting to look like a rzr

see the piece of tube stuck in there to prop up the bed :)

this is what it looks like through the access panel

look at all the room :)

got the whole floor, column and pedals

front plastic fits

another pic of the motor

milling one of the bracket tubes for the motor mounts

pic from the left rear quarter

here's the motor in the car.. looks like plenty of room to keep the throttlebodies under the bed

i had to cut the back of the frame out and drop the whole driveline about 5 inches so the axles would come out in the right place and the air intake wouldnt stick through the bed
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WOW :shock: Marty, Looks trick to say the least !! Keep us posted on your progress. :D 8) :wink:
You ARE going to have it finished and bring it to the Rally in June, aren't you??
where is the rally in june? is it in the woods? i'm not sure this car would be "at home" in the woods.. i'd hate to mow down a bunch of trees.. this one, i'm sure will like to stretch it's legs from time to time..
i believe the red rzr is a better car for running around in the trees. what with 4wd and being narrower and all. plus with a top speed of only about 80 or so.

i do look forward to making new "800 efi" stickers..
i'am at a lose for words, NICE JOB.......stroker
Started the exhaust header

I started working on the header, i did all of my math and worked out the header lengths, number 2 and 4 are my short headers and 1 and 3 are long, if all works well this should lower the hp peak slightly, but spread the top of the curve out, making the motor less peaky and have more broad usable power. this is where i've gotten so far, i am going to try to do the rest of the header and the collector/exhup valve tonight

one really cool thing about using the exhup valve is that its on a flange, i have to make a flange to bolt it all together.. where i put the exhup valve will be up top and out of the way of major stuff, by doing this, should i get ants in my pants and want to try a turbo, well, i already have the exhaust done for it..

lots of little pieces welded together to get the length and location

i tried to keep the sharp bends at a minum

i also tried to keep the exhaust as tight to the motor as posible but still gave it enough room to not cook the powdercoat off of the head

so far, i think it looks pretty good.
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